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  • It's ever lasting.

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Why Clay Brick
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2024 Brick Awards Shortlist

The Brick Development Association is very proud to present to you the Shortlist for the 2024 Awards  held on the 6th November 2024, at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London, together with the category winners for previous Years.

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The natural

For most people, it’s important to feel safe, comfortable and certain, in the places we live and work.

If these qualities are important to you, choose clay brick.

Visit our sustainability page to learn how clay brick makes your environment safer, healthier, and last longer.

Quality Charter

The Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC) makes it easy for the design and build community to properly source clay bricks and building products that are manufactured responsibly.

Charter members are strictly assessed against 8 critical standards, providing real confidence to the industry, its supply chain and essentially, end users.

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Brick Bulletin

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